Cumulative Trauma

Its not always the worst, bloodiest, biggest incident that tips you over the edge. Often, clients will share with me that "there is this one image that I can't get out of my mind" Many times they are aware of what it was about that incident that grants it real estate in their brain. But sometimes, that's not the case. Often this memory comes up out of the blue and its difficult to understand why this one, and why now.

Trauma accumulates, there are many metaphors, but I liken it to drips of water into a glass. After so many drips, the water will spill over the top. One can only hold so many incidents in the body, until there isn't room any more. Then our body says, or sometimes screams

"toooo much!". There can also be environmental triggers that the brain picks up on, and that image/memory is sparked.

So then what? Well, being present, finding where that feeling is in your body (head,throat,chest,gut, solar plexus) and sitting with the feeling that you find. This will give you information about how you are being affected by this memory. Trying to push it away or get rid of it doesn't work. Moving through it will. Allowing yourself to embrace and feel what that memory is bringing up, although uncomfortable, is the way of moving through it.

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