Practical regulating

Well, I was dysregulted this morning when I woke up and went to work out, so was everyone else at my gym. And, I'm not even really in danger. However, my brain, and my entire system recognizes that there is danger in the air. My nervous system is reminded of the experiences I have shared in my office and out of my office of terrifying fires, chicken coops on fire, and endless shifts.

How do you know if your body is dysregulated? You will feel OFF, you may have a rapid heart rate, gut upset, inability to sleep-or need to continue sleeping. You might recognize that you are preoccupied with thoughts of fire, that you are distracted. You may feel suicidal, or like hurting yourself. You might feel like you are "crawling out of your skin".

You might feel like crying.

What can you do?

CONNECT WITH SOMEONE (or animal) YOU LOVE- Put your masks on and give someone a deep long HUG.

Anything Bi-Lateral. Walking or running if you can indoors, or if nothing else put your hand up behind your head and march in place.

Box breathing: Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds,breath out for 4 seconds, wait for 4 seconds, then start again.

Nostril breathing: push your finger against one nostril closing off air and breath in through that side, close off that side and breath out through the other side.

Tapping: look it up on you tube.

Call for support. Call your EAP, a hotline, a pastor or chaplin, a friend......anyone that feels comforting.

Also using the Pre-frontal cortex in any way. Reading, doing some sort of puzzles, listening to a podcast, DOING MATH PROBLEMS.....this will shift the energy from the back part of your brain to the front, the filter.

Drink Water-eat fresh food-avoid alcohol.

My heart is with you.